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Approx. 30 mins | RM 180

  • Our spine is the centerpiece of our body structure and is closely related to our physical functions and mental emotions. The balance of our body structure, physical functions and mention emotions is very crucial for us to maintain a healthy physical and mental state.
  • Problems in the spine will not only affect the bones and tendons alone, but also internal organs. Therefore all spine, pelvic and internal organs problems have to be taken into consideration in TCM treatment. Henceforth, a body’s healing power can be restored through structural realignment.
  • TCM structural re-alignment technique, combined with modern medical science has been proven to be an effective treatment. The application of gentle and painless techniques together with the help of the natural recovery power of the muscular and skeleton structure will realign the pelvic, spine and the muscles.
  • Our TCM treatments doctor in-charge, Dr Yek is a compassionate traditional practitioner and his specialties include TCM treatments for stroke, sciatica, scoliosis, bone spurs, sport injuries, slipped disc, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, neck/ back pain, knee/ ankle pain, arthritis/ joint pain, headaches/ migraine, high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, herb for body balancing, face-lift acupuncture.
  • Dr Yek has been practicing as a Registered TCM practitioner since 2006 and he has done extensive research on depression related cases, combining TCM treatments and counseling. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Psychology (Universiti Kebangasaan Malaysia) and a Bachelor of TCM, from KL Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His experience and knowledge have been widen in a six months’ training in the Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine in China.
  • We appreciate pre-bookings in advance for a personal consultation with Dr Yek.


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