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RM 600 | 15 minutes per session

  • The Benefits:
    • Shorter time: Laser hair removal sessions are typically four times faster than Permanent Hair Reduction (IPL) sessions.
    • Maximum Comfort: Laser hair removal is a low risk procedure involving minimal discomfort. At Ozmosis Spa, we integrate skin cooling treatments during sessions and this greatly reduces any pain felt by our clients.
    • No Downtime: Unlike IPL, Diode laser’s wavelength is much more precise, which makes the epidermis less affected. Skin irritation like redness and swelling may happen after laser hair removal treatment. However they should fade within 2-3 days.
    • Long Term Results: Laser Hair Treatment has better penetration and treatments effectively damage the hair follicles. With just a few treatments customers see results that will last for years.
  • What types of Hair is Diode Laser best suited for?
    – Diode laser hair removal treatment is suitable for all skin types. This treatment is specially effective for people with lighter skin and dark hair as they require fewer treatments to achieve faster results.
  • What should I prepare prior to Hair Removal session?
    – Shave the treatment area within 12-36 hours of your laser hair removal appointment. Before hair laser removal you should try to avoid tanning your skin. Tanned skin increases skin tone and darker skin absorbs most of the laser beam’s energy making hair removal difficult.
  • What should I expect during the treatment?
    – You will experience a sight discomfort and minor redness bumps on the treated area. There might also be slight swelling. The symptoms will gradually subside over the next 48 hours, in some cases it can also last up to 72 hours. It will take up to 1- 2 weeks for hair to fall out.
  • Is Diode Laser Hair Removal effective? 
    – Most people are able to achieve permanent hair removal after 3 to 6 treatments and results are permanent.
  • How many sessions do I need to achieve a smooth skin?
    – We suggest 4-6 sessions to achieve effective and long lasting results. Most people experience at least 50% of their hair gone forever after 3 treatments and after 6 treatments, 90% or higher results will be achieved.
  • We suggest the interval between laser hair removal treatments is 4-8 weeks.
    – After the initial consultation appointment with our consultant, we will create the hair removal session schedule personalized to your body and goals.



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