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Everything There is to Know About LED Healing Lights Therapy


LED light therapy is the use of light to create a healing effect on various skin conditions. It’s non-invasive, safe for all skin types, builds collagen and elastin, and uses no lasers or surgery. LED stands for ‘light-emitting diode‘, which is a computer chip encased in a glass-like resin, which emits therapeutic wavelengths or colors of light energy to heal and repair skin conditions. 

Not to be confused with laser, the light therapy was originally developed to fast-track the healing of wounds and post-surgery scars and also for the rejuvenation of healthy skin. “If the therapeutic light energy is in the correct wavelength, the cells in the dermis layer of skin will convert that light energy into ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the fuel that the cell uses to do its job. The fibroblast cells in the dermis layer have the job of producing collagen.

 What is the difference between IPL and LED therapy?

The IPL (Intense pulsed Light) and LED are both skin light therapies. The IPL is more aggressive and produce faster results, but is more painful than LED therapy. The LED light therapy treats skin with lest intensity but over a longer period of time, therefore is not painful at all, but it takes 2 to 3 time longer to achieve the same results as IPL skin treatment. In, short if you can’t tolerate the pain, then the LED therapy is the right choice for you.

The IPL skin rejuvenation and photo facial treatment are not effective on clients with skin type 4 and up, therefore LED light therapy is an excellent alternative as it won’t cause the skin to burn.

What are the benefits of using LED therapy?

LED light treatments do not use a UV lamp for skin therapy. Top tip: always try to avoid the ultra-violet rays if you want to take care of your skin.

Photorejuvenation therapy uses different types of light color wavelengths for treating different skin problems. They are as follows:


The Blue Light (~460nm) has an effect of curing acne, killing bacteria and calming down sensitive skin. Furthermore, penetration of about 0.5mm has the function of calming against skin rashes; and is suitable for the skin that is sensitive, oily, and has rashes. It can adjust skin sebum secretion, and effectively get rid of acne. Besides, the blue light can astringe and tighten loosened skin. Some clinics also use it for teeth whitening treatment.


The Green Light (~525nm) has a calming effect reducing hyper-pigmentation. It has been proven to assist in reducing melasma and other skin discolorations. The wavelength of the green light supports the theory that it targets melanocytes which are melanin-producing cells in the bottom layer of the epidermis. By targeting melanocytes it prevents excess melanin from traveling to the surface of the skin, breaking up the clusters of pigment and therefore diminishing any existing hyper-pigmentation.


The Yellow Light (~590nm) also known as the ‘botox wavelengths’ – it is part of the age-maintenance program. Yellow light reduces redness and wrinkle-causing inflammation while boosting circulation and promoting the functions of the lymphatic system. It works by stimulating the rejuvenation process within the cells to improve the density of the skin.


The Red Light (~620nm) is one of the most powerful colors to increase blood circulation. It is known to stimulate skin cells to excrete collagen to achieve a firm and smooth texture. The red light penetrating 8-10mm is suitable for any type of skin; it can reach derma to stimulate fiber cells and produce healing effects. Warming can improve blood circulation, reduced muscle pain, and stimulate the production of collagen to diminish wrinkles and make the skin more elastic and smooth. The mild wave length is suitable for surrounding eyes and forehead. 

How frequently should the patient perform this treatment?

It is a very safe and gentle light therapy, a patient can choose to come back for the treatment as frequently as every three days depending on the physician’s advice. It is a very flexible treatment that can go with any other treatment regardless of invasive or non-invasive treatment. 

How Safe are the LED Healing Lights?

LED healing lights are the only aesthetic devices that have no contra-indications of any kind. It is good for all skin types, colors, and conditions. It will not burn or sensitize the skin. It is completely safe for the eyes.